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Geoinformatics 2014-2016

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Terrestrial Laser Scanning based Modelling for Forest Structural Parameter Retrieval Amit Kumar Haldar Student Thesis
Geoweb Application for Species Association with Vegetation Type and Climatic Regimes in Western Himalaya of Indian Landscape Aparna Kulkarni Student Thesis
Polarimetric SAR Interferomerty based Inversion Modelling for Tree Height Estimation Gautam Solanki Student Thesis
Non-Linear Separation of Classes using Kernel based Possibilistic c-Means Nitin Kandpal Student Thesis
Exploring Measures of Similarity and Dissimilarity for Fuzzy Classifier: from Data Quality to Distance Quality Sayan Mukhopadhaya Student Thesis
Fusion of Dual Frequency Fully Polarimetric Data and Hyperspectral Data for Enhanced Land Cover Classification Shenbaga Rajan Venkatachalaperumal Student Thesis