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Contact Us

For online courses please contact only to concern officials given in course brochure or in announcement letter. The general email for online course is and telephone number is :+91-1352524130/4354/4120

Address: Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, ISRO, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India, 4 Kalidas Road, Dehradun – 248001, Uttarakhand, India.

Director's Office
Dr. Prakash Chauhan Email ID :  director[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone     : +91-135-2524103, 2744583
Fax         :   +91-135-2741987
Dean (Academics)
Dr. S. K. Srivastav
Email ID :  sksrivastav[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone     : +91-135-2524136
Head, Personnel and General Administration
Shri A M Balasubramaniam
Email ID : headpga[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone     : +91-135-2524338
Web Information Manager
Mr. Kamal Pandey
Email ID :  wiml[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone     : +91-135-2524331
Hostel Warden
Mr. Kamal Pandey
Email ID :  hostel[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone     : +91-135-2524331
For Admission Related Queries Contact:
Administrative Officer (Academics)
Email ID :  admissions[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone : +91-135- 2524105, 2524106, 2524107, 2746798, 2524351
Fax  : +91-135-2741987, 2748041
Web  :
Sh. Anshuman Mishra
Email ID : a_misra[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in
Phone : +91-135-2524314,
Fax : +91-135-2748041
Online Courses:
IIRS Distance Learning Center
Geoweb Services, IT & Distance Learning Department
Geospatial technology and Outreach Proghramme Group

Dr. Harish Chandra Karnatak
Email ID : dlp[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in (course related queries)
Tel : +91-135-252-4130,
Email ID : websupport[At]iirs[dot]gov[dot]in(Software related technical issues)
Tel : +91-135-252-4120,
Websites: or
Note: For online courses and e-learning programmes, please contact to above address only.