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Geoinformatics 2011-2013

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Close Range Photogrammetric Applications for 3-D realistic reconstruction of objects using still images Chetan Katoch Student Thesis
Downscaling leaf area index using downscaling cokriging on optical remotely sensed data Ankur Singh Student Thesis
Uncertainty modeling for asynchronous time series data with incorporation of spatial variation for land use/land cover change Deepak Kumar Choudhari Student Thesis
Polarimetric scattering model for biophysical characterization of multilayered vegetation using Spaceborne PolSAR data Sai Bharadwa Poolla Student Thesis
Study the effect of discontinuity adaptive MRF models in fuzzy based classifier Mrinal Singha Student Thesis
Atmospheric correction of DInSAR phase for Improvement of Accuracy in Land Subsidence Measurments Shankar Acharya Kamaraju- gedda Student Thesis
Polarimetric modeling of Lunar Surface for scattering information retrieval using Chandrayaan-1, Mini-SAR Bhavya Kausika Student Thesis
Developing a Fuzzy Similarity System based on Image Transforms and textures for feature identification Pavan Vijjapu Student Thesis
Effects of the Modifiable Temporal Unit Problem on the results of the Trend analysis of Climatic forcing and Satellite derived vegetation index over India Ravi Maurya Student Thesis
Mobile mapping by integrating Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Structure from Motion Approach Jayson Jayesh Kumar Jariwala Student Thesis