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Geoinformatics 2004-2005

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Spatial Data Mining for Drought Monitoring: An Approach Using temporal NDVI and Rainfall Relationship Aditi Sharma Student Thesis
An analysis using Liss III data for estimating water demand for rice cropping in Paris of Hirakud Command area, Orissa, India Ambuja Ballav Nayak Student Thesis
Assessment of Tea Bush Health and Yield Using Geospatial Techniques Rishiraj Dutta Student Thesis
A GeoInformation System Approach for Strengthening Conservation Measures in Protected Area with Reference to Forest Fire Sanjay K Srivastava Student Thesis
Role of Geoinformation Technology in Strengthening the Planning Process of Forestry Sector in India Shivaji Ganpat Chavan Student Thesis
Comparative Evaluation of the Algorithms for Land Cover Mapping using Hyperspectral Data Uttam Kumar Student Thesis