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Geoinformatics 2003-2004

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
A Decision Tree Approach to Extract Knowledge for Improving Satellite Image Classification Amit Bharti Student Thesis
Modelling the Effects of Scale on Mapping Trees Outside Forests S. S. Chhabra Student Thesis
Chained-Services Based Marine SDI Geoportal (A Reference Architecture using RM-ODP and UML) Commander Sudhir K Mittal Student Thesis
Cartographic visualization for mobile applications Rajinder Singh Nagi Student Thesis
A Conceptual Design for Visualisation of Spatio-temporal Data using Animation with Linked Graphics Sarmistha Biswas Student Thesis
Extraction of Seismic Risk Related Base Data from Multi Source Remote Sensing Imagery Badri Narayan Nanda Student Thesis
Integration of Agent-based and Cellular Automata Models for Simulating Urban Sprawl H. S. Sudhira Student Thesis
Framework for Location Based Emergency Services in India Gaurav Singh Student Thesis