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Geoinformatics 2002-2003

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Design of Geoinformation Utility System for Survey of India Using High Resolution Satellite Data Ashwani Kumar Munshi Student Thesis
Optimisation of Urban Plan Preparation Business Process using Geoinformation Technology & Management Techniques A.N. Gautam Student Thesis
Environmental Suitability Analysis for Asian Elephants in Southern India Natalie Diemer Student Thesis
Modelling Land use Land cover changes using cellular automata in a Geo-Spatial Environment Anuj Kumar Singh Student Thesis
Land Suitability Analysis for Agriculture Crips: A Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making Approach Prakash T.N. Student Thesis
Fire Risk Asessment for Forest Fire Control Management in Chilla Forest Range of Rajaji National Park Uttaranchal (India) G.S. Rawat Student Thesis
Comparative Evaluation of Different Spatial Resolution Data for Timber Volume Estimation Him Lal Shrestha Student Thesis
Integrating GIS and Multicriteria Decision Making Techniques for Land Resource Planning Arabinda Laskar Student Thesis
Modelling Land Cover Change: A Fuzzy Approach Santosh Hegde Student Thesis