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NHDRM 2012-2014

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Understanding Interannual Groundwater Variability in North India using GRACE Guru Pradhan Student Thesis
Development of Vulnerability Indices for Flood Damage Estimation using Remote Sensing data in part of Bhagalpur, Bihar, India Surendar Mohan Student Thesis
Coal Fire Induced Land Subsidence Analysis by Integrated TIR and DInSAR Data Processing Approach Ishaan Kochhar Student Thesis
Glacial Lake outburst flood hazard assessment in a part of Uttarakhand, India Amit Anand Student Thesis
Earthquake Risk Assessment, Loss Estimation and Vulnerability Mapping for Dehradun City, India Bharwani Hemlata Motiram Student Thesis
Effect of change in land use and land cover on elephant habitat and corridor in Lower Shivaliks area of Uttarakhand Apoorva Maria Student Thesis
2D Hydrodynamic modelling on part of Mahanadi Delta Region Piyush K. Jaipurkar Student Thesis
Impact of Infestation of Sal heartwood borer (Hoplocerambyx spinicornis) on the Carbon stock of Sal (Shorea robusta) forests of Doon Valley. Neha Singh Student Thesis