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M.Tech 2013-2015

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Study of the impact of orography on the amount of rainfall over North-West Himalayan region Abhisek Das Student Thesis
Detection of Phenological change over Himalaya region using Decomposition model Akshat Garg Student Thesis
Automatic estimation of Urban Roughness Parameters for Microclimatic Analysis Alok Jhaldiyal Student Thesis
Web Based Spatio-Semantic Analysis of Traffic Noise Using 3D Geospatial Information Amol Konde Student Thesis
Spatio- Temporal Modelling of Jammu City Using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System Arshdeep Kaur Student Thesis
Mapping of Alteration mineral zones by combining techniques of Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy in the parts of SE- Rajasthan Chayanika Parashar Student Thesis
Road Alignment and its Impact Assessment on Environs in Himalayan Region Using Geospatial Tools Harjeet Singh Student Thesis
PolinSAR and TLS data modeling for forest biophysical parameter characterization Jenia Singh Student Thesis
Geospatial assessment of shift in Agro-Climatic suitability of food grains and plantation crops in Himachal Pradesh under changing climate Jyoti Singh Student Thesis
CityGML based Interoperability for the Transformation of 3D Data Models Kavisha Student Thesis