Floods in Kerala

Kerala was affected by severe floods due to heavy incessant rains during August 2018. Seninel-1A & B datasest fo 09 Aug, 21Aug, 27Aug and 02 Sep-2018 were analyzed. Inundation is observed in parts of Kottayam, Alapphuza, Thrisssur, Pathanamthitta, Palakkad, Malappuram, Ernakulam & Kollam districts. Major flood affected districts in terms of spatial extent and inundation persistence are Alapphuza; Kottayam & Thrisssur. Significant increase in inundation is observed on 21-Aug-18 when compared to 09-Aug-18. Slight reduction in inundation is observed on 27-Aug-18 when compared to 21-Aug-18. Reduction in inundation is observed on 02-Sep-18 when compared to 27-Aug-18. Persistence of flood inundation for more than three weeks is observed in Alapphuza; Kottayam & Thrisssur districts.

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