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NHDRM 2006-07

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Analysing Performance of Optical and Passive Microwave Data to Infer Soil Moisture in the Upper Soil layers for the Prominent crops in Eastern part of Rajasthan , India. Ms.Ambika Mukund Student Thesis
Flood Damage Assessment and Identification of Safe routes for evacuation using a Micro level approach in part of Birupa river basin, Orissa, India. Ms.Rupinder Kaur Dhillon Student Thesis
Landslide Monitoring in Space and time using optical Satellite imagery and dem derived Parameter:Case study from Garhwal Himalaya , Uttarakhand,India. Mr.Dipender Singh Chand Student Thesis
Forest Fire Risk Zonation, A case Study Pauri Garhwal , Uttarakhand, India. Mr.Pravesh Saklani Student Thesis
Spatio-Temporal Landslide Hazard Analysis along a Road Corridor based on Historical Information: A case Study From Uttarkhand India. Mr.Sumana Chakraborty Student Thesis