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NHDRM 2005

Thesis Title Student Name Downloads
Reconstruction of the 2003 Daya River Flood, using Multi-resolution and Multi-temporal satellite imagery Oinam Bakimchandra Student Thesis
Satellite Based Monitoring Of the Changes in Mangroves in South Eastern Coast and South Andaman Islands of India - A Tsunami Related Study Barnali Chatterjee Student Thesis
Analysing the effect of severity and duration of Agricultural drought on crop performance using Terra/MODIS Satellite data and Meteorological data Bikash Ranjan Parida Student Thesis
Earthquake Risk Assessment of Buildings: Applicability of HAZUS in Dehradun, India Brijesh Gulati Student Thesis
Drought Risk Assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS: A case study of Gujarat Parul Chopra Student Thesis
Assessment and Modeling the effect of Tsunami waves in the Nagapattinam coast of India using Geoinformation and Numerical Model Rahul Prakash Srivastava Student Thesis
Effect of Vegetation on Debris Flow Initiation Conceptualisation and Parameterisation of a Dynamic Model for Debris Flow Initiation in Tikovil River Basin, Kerala, India, using PCRaster Sekhar Lukose Kuriakose Student Thesis
Fire Risk Assessment for Tiger Preybase in Chilla Range and vicinity, Rajaji National Park using Remote Sensing and GIS Sindhu Rathaur Student Thesis